July 24, 2017

I found Rena to be professional, courteous and genuine.
She has a great sense of humour, knows her facts and is sensitive to whomever she is listening.
I purchased a home in Brighton last year. With no friend or close acquaintance to assist me, I put myself in Rena’s hands.
She guided me through the process. Explaining everything that I needed to be aware of, she also pointed out her responsibilities. 
After the sale she followed up with visits and few unexpected gifts. My view of realtors has been greatly altered because of her.
I recommend her completely.
My experience with porting my mortgage to the new home in Brighton was completely the opposite of that with Rena. Little was explained and much glossed over. Which only served to highlight the better experience I had with Rena.

Ted A.

May 24, 2017

The whole story here is that I chose Rena to sell my home because I know her parents, had met her when I first met her parents and knew she was "in real estate". I wanted to give her a try! What I didn't know was that she had been in the business far longer than I'd imagined (she looks so young) AND her experience was far wider than I knew with her sitting on the Durham Board as well as here in my area of Trenton-Brighton. 
Given her track record of understanding the current market which often results in bidding wars - how to handle the listing of a house and how to determine a good listing price and have the confidence it will sell at that price or higher, how and when to accept offers and when to offer open houses (or not), all impressed me. I am not a novice at selling a property, but this is the first time I have had to do this myself, having lost my husband a few years ago. Rena most certainly seems to have my best interests at heart and lived up to her proclamation that she was able to sell what she lists.
On top of her professional abilities, I have to add that she herself is just a delightful person who is easy to work with as well as spend time with. I quite like her and am so happy I chose her to sell my house. The house has not closed as yet, but she has called a few times to say hello, tie up small details, etc.
Because the house sold so quickly and went for over asking, many of my friends and neighbours have asked me for her card. I have happily obliged.
Lastly, in this day and age of technical opportunities, I have to say how adept she was in using the Internet to reach out to the cyber world in order to contact her network and spread the word of the sale of the house and what is available in the rental market for me. It is a new world out there and I would say this "tool" is a must in today's market. I would say that she definitely knows how to maneuver this technical world very well!


Bonnie P.

May 23, 2017

Rena Campitelli is an excellent realtor. When my mother-in-law decided to put her house up for sale, we got two realtors in and Rena was one of them. She explained to us she could get more money for the house than the other realtor would try to get, and she certainly did. She was very confident it would sell quickly and it did, in only 5 days in fact. She is well connected and has connections from the Brighton region through Toronto. If you're going to put your house up for sale in the Brighton area, make sure you ask for Rena Campitelli. She is definitely the Real Estate Agent you want working for you.

Rory & Lucy

October 30, 2016

Upon meeting Rena Campitelli we were instantly impressed by her professionalism and friendly attitude towards ourselves and our home. Rena is an extremely hard worker that cares about her customers/clients and really gets to know them and their family needs. We were impressed with her professionalism, attention to detail, as well as her knowledge about the area and the market. Being in a unique selling bracket, she used social media to showcase our home to potential buyers from other areas. Rena was great at communicating and was constantly providing us with feedback. She worked hard to negotiate to get the best terms and conditions for both the sale of our home and buying our new home in such a busy and competitive market. If you're looking for a fantastic realtor Rena Campitelli will work hard for you and your family to get the job done. Rena goes over and above the role of a realtor to give you an amazing experience while selling and buying a house. 

Brian and Tammy M.

September 21, 2016

I still remember Tatiana's and my address in Mississauga, 1146 Upper Village Drive. We will never forget that home and how the lovely Rena found it for us. We have been friends ever since! 17 years ago.

Tatiana & Clinton Smith

September 10, 2014

Thanks for your great staging consultation! Hope to work with you again soon.
Very best,


June 21, 2014

I am writing this letter to say how much I have enjoyed Rena working for me. Rena has helped me so very much with my real estate and mortgaging transaction for my home. I had a complicated financial situation, but Rena was able to make everything work. Rena, you are the best. I trust you. If you could help me, you can help anyone! Thank you Rena.
Yours truly,

Veronica S.